AYsports Egg White Protein


Product Description

Egg Albumen Powder : +/- 450 g

Nutrition Data per 100 g : 

Energy : 1450/341 KJ/Kcal

Protein : 85.0 g

Carbohydrate : 0.1 g

Of wich sugars : 0.1 g

Pure Fat : 0.1 g

Saturated fatty acids: <0.1 g

Dietary fibers : <0.1 g

Salt** : 1.75 g

* Values above are based on literature and calculations and analysis. Variations may occur since eggs are natural products. All information and data given in this bulletin are based on our latest knowledge and do not release the user from obligation to carry out all analysis required by respective legislation.

** Arising from naturally present sodium only, salt = sodium x 2,5

Additional Information

Weight 500 g


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